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Export & Sales Outsourcing

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Sales operations are one of the most important stages while achieving the targets. Additionally, in this process, export procedure management is crucial. Sales operations and export procedure management should be done in the most efficient way for correct budget structuring and efficient budget use.

As Bospros this is where we step in for you to complete the sales and export process successfully.

What We Provide

• Local Sales Partner Management

• Pipeline Development & Management

• Lead Qualification

• Funnel Management

• Export procedures management

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Export & Sales


Choosing local partners and sub-partners by accurately measuring technical and sales capabilities.


Real and accurate assessment for Lead Qualification and Funnel Management.


Pipeline Development & Management in foreign countries is one of the biggest challenges. This difficulty will be easily handled by Bospros support.


Creating a road map that supports financing and facilitates operations in many subjects and points with export management in accordance with procedures with Bospros.

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